December 2007

Dear friends, family and people who find us from random Google searches,

Welcome to another Christmas letter that will be FAR TOO LONG for most of your comfort zones!

Although many people find it rude and inconsiderate to write a 35-page long Christmas letter (and expect all their friends & family will read it on the edge of their seats...), we're doing it anyway!

Why, you ask?

Let me tell you why...

Because, it's how we keep track of what we did and when we did it!

(We have really poor memories, sorry to say...)

So please bear with us, skim through the headlines if you must, and try your best to enjoy the Barton Christmas Letter of 2007!

OK, after a family meeting, we decided this year's Christmas "letter" would be in picture form! We hope you enjoy as you watch and listen...

Here's Joe's cute little niece, Gracie,
born in January 2007:

Here's a Barton Family Reunion
picture from Thanksgiving:

Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year 2008!!!

For a trip down memory lane...

2006 Barton Christmas Letter

2005 Barton Christmas Letter

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